Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Just what is included?


  • An itinerary of wonderful wineries
  • All wine tasting fees at each winery
  • Safe and comfortable transportation to said wineries
  • Secure storage of your purchases and belongings
  • Ample chilled, bottled water and sodas served aboard the vehicle
  • Lively commentary, colorful history, and pertinent information provided by your tour guide/driver

Q: Is there a deposit required?

A: 50% of your tour cost is required when you reserve your tour.

Q: Is the deposit refundable?

A: Sure! We provide a full refund if you cancel 72 hours prior to your tour date. We will also work with you to reschedule for another date.

Q: How about driver gratuity?

A: A 15% gratuity is added to all tours.

Q: Should we tip the servers at the wineries?

A: Absolutely! They work hard to make your experience as enjoyable as possible and will appreciate your tips.

Q: What about wine tasting fees?

A: Wine tasting fees range from $10.00 to $25.00 per guest. These are fees charged by the wineries, compensating them for the wine they pour for guests. With Majesty Tours all your wine tasting fees are included in the cost of your tour. Your personal tour guide will handle all the details so you can enjoy the experience.

Q: Are there any taxes or fuel fees?

A: Tax is charged on all tours at a rate of 6.75%. There are no fuel fees.

Q: Which wineries will we visit?

A: There is no set schedule of wineries. Our tour drivers like to customize your tour to take advantage of the best winery experiences available on that day. They take a great deal of pride in the winery itineraries they put together. With so many wonderful wineries in this area, there is no reason to put on a “one size fits all” wine tour. We welcome input and will try to accommodate your requests. Saturdays we preschedule the appointments so there is less flexibility than during the week.

Q: Is there any way to know in advance which wineries we’ll visit?

A: You can let us know at the time you book your reservation about any preferences that you have. We welcome input and will try to accommodate your requests. Saturdays we preschedule the appointments so there is less flexibility than during the week. The wineries may have special events or limitations so, ultimately, your tour driver will take responsibility for planning the best possible tour.

Q: How many wineries will we see?

A: Depending on the tour package you selected, we will taste at two to four different winery tasting rooms.

Q: May we pick the wineries?

A: We welcome input and will try to accommodate your requests. Saturdays we preschedule the appointments so there is less flexibility than during the week. If you have purchased a private tour, we are happy to take you to the wineries of your choice as long as those wineries permit us to visit that day. Please let us know of your preferences in advance so that we can make reservations at the wineries. If you are not on a private tour, your driver will take responsibility for planning the best tour possible for the entire group.

Q: Do you ever accommodate winery requests?

A: We welcome input and will try to accommodate your requests. Saturdays we preschedule the appointments so there is less flexibility than during the week. Please let us know your preferences when you book your tour.

Q: How do you determine which wineries would be best for our group?


  • Rave reviews from previous tour groups
  • Wine Selections
  • Warm & friendly service
  • Wine preferences of on-board guests
  • Perks available (Music, special events, food pairings, facility tours, etc)

Q: How long will we spend at each winery?

A: Some winery experiences take longer than others. The average is about 45 minutes to an hour at each winery in order to visit the scheduled wineries. We are casual and accommodating and want to make sure all our guests have a memorable experience.

Q: Who goes on a Majesty Wine Tour?

A: Everybody! Our guests are easy-going, social people who are interested in wine, even if they don’t know much about it.

Q: What if I have never been to a winery and not familiar with wine etiquette?

A: You will be fine. Your tour guide will assist you with any questions or concerns and the winery staff is all very knowledgeable and helpful. After the first winery, you will be a pro.

Q: May I bring my child?

A: Sometimes we can accommodate children, but most often not. Please give us a call if this is an issue for you.

Q: May I bring my dog?

A: We are pet lovers! Service animals are welcome on the tour and we will try to accommodate your pup if we can. Let us know when you book your tour.

Q: Is there room on the bus to store any wine that I buy?

A: Yes! We have yet to limit any wine purchase due to storage concerns. Buy as much wine as you like. (Then buy some more wine!)

Q: How will I get my wine home?

A: You can tote it yourself or you may ship wine from the wineries. You can buy wine boxes and bags to assist you with your purchases.

Q: How many guests are normally on your tour?

A: Most of our vehicles hold 14 passengers, but we do have some that hold up to 33 passengers.

Q: Will you cancel a tour in the event that too few people book it for that day?

A: We never cancel a tour if we have even one person booked on it.

Q: Do you offer half-day tours?

A: We have tours beginning from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM so there is something for everyone!

Q: What sort of vehicles do you use for these tours?

A: We use several different models including Sprinters, mini-buses, vans, 25 and 33 passenger buses.

Q: Is lunch included in the cost of the tour?

A: Lunch is included in the cost of the Diamond Tour, the Sapphire Tour, and the Crown Jewel Tour (four wineries). A snack is included in the Ruby Tour (three wineries).

Q: Is it appropriate to tip our tour guide/driver? If so, how much?

A: If you are pleased with the service and effort put forth by your driver or tour guide, you are most welcome to offer him or her a gratuity. Your thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated. For parties of 6 or more, 15% will be added to cost of tour.

Q: Can this tour really be as fun as it sounds?

A: It absolutely can! Majesty Tours makes sure that you are treated as a personal guest and that you enjoy your experience. You don’t have to worry about driving, parking, securing your belongings, or where to go. Leave it all to us and just have fun.

What to Expect

This is a social tour, so you can expect to meet people and get to know them over the course of the day. Your guide/driver will point out landmarks and wineries along the way, telling stories and talking about local history and wine-making, as well as cluing you in about the culture of the area.

Which Wineries

Our tour itineraries are customized every day except Saturday, based on feedback from the group and the best selection of wineries available for that day. There are no strict rules. We welcome input and will try to accommodate your requests. Saturdays we preschedule the appointments so there is less flexibility than during the week.


Except for our Crystal Tours, we will pick you up at your B&B or hotel in Fredericksburg for no additional charge. If you are outside the city limits, please call for for prices.

Visiting Wineries – Important Things to Know

Our goal, and the goal of the wineries, is to provide you fun and safe winery visits.

  • Probably the best overall rule is to imagine if you were a winery owner or server, how you would like your guests to behave at your place. In some cases, they are inviting you to their home.
  • Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages are allowed at wineries OTHER THAN wine from that winery. This is a legal requirement that applies to “bonded facilities” (wineries) and our entire group will be expelled if just one person violates this rule, so please comply.
  • Public intoxication is a crime, regardless if you have a designated driver or are in a limo/bus/shuttle. It is unlawful to serve or sell alcohol to an intoxicated person. Winery servers cannot serve anyone they suspect is over or near the “legal limit” of alcohol. It is a judgment call and winery management will support their TABC trained employees, and if you are advised you cannot be served please do not argue and just step away. Additionally, wineries, by law, will excuse the entire group if ONE person is considered “over the limit” of alcohol.
  • Winery servers may also ask for IDs to confirm you are over 21. Sometimes, you may be asked more than once if you purchase a tasting at the register and taste at a different tasting area.
  • Only employees are allowed to handle open bottles at the tasting bars. Please do not reach for a bottle to pour yourself.
  • Please respect your fellow patrons in the tasting rooms. Disorderly, loud groups are a distraction to fellow guests trying to enjoy their winery experience. Please be aware and considerate.
  • Saturdays and Holidays are busy days at the wineries. Staff members are striving to serve everyone equally and ensure everyone had a good experience. We appreciate your patience as you might experience a wait in line or for an accessible place at the serving area.

Vehicle Damage Policy - The driver inspects each vehicle before, during, and after each rental. In the event of damage to the vehicle, customer shall assume financial responsibility for any and all harm and damages suffered by the company, including but not limited to vehicle cleaning, repairs or replacements due to breakage or burns, or any other damage to the vehicle interior or exterior. A minimum of $200 will be charged for an occurrence of harm or damage to the vehicle.

Cancellation Policy - You may cancel your tour or reduce the number in your party up to 72 hours prior to the tour date. Cancellations within 72 hours of the tour, or failure to show up, will result in the full amount being charged to the card on file based on the number in the reservation. This policy also applies to partial cancellations (fewer people appearing than in the reservation).